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What is Propecia?

Propecia (finasteride) is the first medicine in the world for the cure of male hair loss. It is produced in the form of pills which patient must take once a day.

Which forms of hair loss cure Propecia?

Propecia is usually prescribed for the treatment of the androgenic form of hair loss. Approximately 95% of all occurrence of hair loss concerns exactly this type.
The medicine is not purposed for other forms of hair loss treatment. The nature of these types differs from androgenic and there will be no effect of taking Propecia.

What results should be expected?

Propecia usually gives quit positive results. Its components make it possible to restore hair growth even on those areas which are difficult to treat. The results which were achieved by different patients of course are various. It is important to know that near 66% of all patients intensify the hair grew.
You should not forget that healthy strong hair grows on average 1cm per month, thus it takes time to observe a visible improvement. According to the clinical investigations there is a need to take Propecia for three months or longer for a noticeable effect.
On the first stage slowing down and cessation of the hair loss take place. After 6 months of taking pills you will notice the new real hair. In won’t be just a fluff, but real strong and healthy hair. In case if Propecia does not have an effect during the 12 month there is probably no need in further usage.

What are the side effects of taking Propecia?

There was noted that the majority of females does not suffer from side effects. Approximately 0,5% of patient has got any of the following side effects considered the sexuality: decrease in libido, decrease in the number of sperm, difficulty in achieving an erection.
Side effects completely disappeared in men who stopped taking Propecia. Side effects disappeared in majority men (58%) who continued taking Propecia. There was a control group where it was observed the same side effects.
Propecia often has a negative influence while taking place the blood tests, there was detected the prostate cancer. This fact does not mean that the patient who takes Propecia have got cancer of the prostate. It means that there is an extremely high probability of having false results afterwards. If you are going to be tested let your doctor know that you are taking Propecia.
As for female suffering from alopecia, a new drug is not intended for them at all. First, there was not noticed any positive effect from using the medicine and the second reason, if Propecia is taken during pregnancy there is a high risk of congenital malformations in the fetus.

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